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Dissertation Form

What to Say and How to Say It in Your Dissertation Form?

Are you unprepared to fill yourdissertation form


Yes, we know that you’ve filled out your college forms, your internship forms, your sports and drama club forms then how hard can it be to fill out the dissertation forms?

To put it simply, quite difficult!

You may think that this is just another form to fill but this is also an integral part of your dissertation that needs careful consideration and thought.

You will have to fill several forms during your dissertation tenure starting with your recommendation for dissertation committee members form to the oral defense status form. If you want to ace your dissertation then it is an important document to be prepared for.

Let’s have a look where the journey of dissertation forms starts from and what it encompasses.

1. Recommendations for Dissertation Committee Members

After you have advanced to candidacy for the dissertation, this is the first form that you need to duly fill and submit. Here, you will recommend a dissertation committee for your project which usually consists of three members out of which the chair is usually a member of the approved faculty list of your university. Your university dean reserves the right to realign the committee based on availability of the staff and work load.
The form itself is quite easy to fill but you will need to do a bit of homework before you send names of your committee members for approval. Take advice from older students and try to pick committee members that you know will be available and helpful throughout the semester.

2. Common Components in the form are

  • Personal Information
  • Dissertation Chair
  • Committee Members

3. Approval of Formal Study Proposal

After your dissertation committee has been finalized, you will compose a dissertation proposal and get it approved by your committee. Once that is approved, you will need to fill the ‘Approval of Formal Study Proposal Form’. This form simply states your intent to carry on with the dissertation and that your proposal has been approved.

4. Common Components in the form are

  • Personal Information
  • Signatures of committee members who have approved proposal
  • Approval by Dean
  • Office section where date and time of approval of study proposal is marked

5. Approval for Oral Defense Date

You will work on your dissertation and get it checked and rechecked until your committee members agree that it is time for your defense. This form must be submitted at least two weeks prior the defense date.

6. Common Components in the form are

    • Personal Information
    • Signatures of committee members who have approved final draft of dissertation
    • Date, time and place for Oral defense

A copy of the dissertation is attached with this form.

7. Oral Defense Approval Date

This is the form that you will take with yourself in the oral defense. This will mark the status of your oral defense and will be filled in by your dissertation members and dean.

8. Common Components in the form are

  • Personal Information
  • Status of the oral defense (passed, not passed etc.)
  • Signatures by the dissertation committee and dean

In conclusion, your university may have more or less the same format or may differ slightly but the basic documentation that you have to fill and submit regarding your dissertation will remain the same.

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