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If you want to make sure that your dissertation is concise, clear and accurate and doesn't contain any mistakes. You need dissertation editing & proofreading help from professional dissertation editors. Edit dissertation to ensure that dissertation formatting is correct and it doesn't contain any errors.

Dissertation Marking Service in UK

UK Students are usually stuck in marking fears after completing their dissertations. It has been observed that they miss out on good grades just because of some minor mistakes no one pointed out for them. At dissertation-help.co.uk our highly qualified academic assessment experts recheck your dissertation to see if
  • You have answered your research questions effectively
  • Your research methodology quantifies your work.
On the basis of standard UK criterias or your specific marking criterias you will be provided
  • Separately marked Chapters and subchapters.
  • Reasons why these grades were awarded.
  • FREE Appraisals.


Sloppy spellings and grammatical mistakes can ruin the impact of your UK dissertation and your academic image. We see to it that your work represents your sweating research efforts accurately and fluently without a hint of errors. Our UK dissertation proofreading service is UK's best dissertation proofreading service because we will look at your dissertation microscopically from all the 6 angles.
  • Typographical errors Correction.
  • Correction of names, numbers and non-English terms according to a specific reference source (style guide/dictionary).
  • Grammatical Correction of punctuation errors such as mislaid commas, incorrect dash use
  • Omission of inconsistent queries in the text.
  • Elimination of widows and orphans, other inappropriate typographical results.
  • Identification of errors that result from the use of computers, such as garbled tables, passages/chapters in the wrong font, use of homonyms, etc.

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It’s common that UK dissertations having great content supported by immaculately conducted research along with examples and anecdotes score below average grades or even rejected. The reason is the lack of stylization. We will give your dissertation that Stylistic shine which will ablaze your marker’s eyes with the help of our 6 outstanding dissertation editing service perimeters.
  • Determination of the suitable style and Rearrangement of the material into proper structure/order for the targeted audience.
  • Elimination of slang, redundancies, and wordiness and clarification of vague vocabulary.
  • Establishment of a steady style, language and point of view according to the intended audience maintaining the author's voice.
  • Improvement of the associations, transitions, parallelisms, and paragraphing and insurance of persistent style in headings, captions, figures, and illustrations.
  • Suggestions for additions, erasures, or re-structuring of data.
  • Fact check.

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31% doctoral students fail to submit their dissertation. This is the major reason why many students fail to graduate as well, even after submitting rewrites and working their brains out only because of improper finishing. Only if they were rectified this wouldn’t happen. This all in one package includes A-Z of your dissertation editing, from tiny punctuation mistakes to major citation style errors. Your whole dissertation will be scanned thoroughly for
  • Typographic and punctuation errors.
  • Incomplete Names, misquoted Numbers and non-English terms
  • Inconsistent Queries.
  • Garbled Tables Improper structure/order.
  • Passages/Chapters in the wrong font.
  • Inappropriate language according to the intended audience.
  • Vague vocabulary and Unsteady Style and Sentence structure.
  • Slang, Redundancies, Homonyms and Wordiness.
  • Incomprehensible Associations, Rough Transitions, Inapt Parallelism and Paragraphing.

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FREE Plagiarism Report worth £29.95

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Dissertation-help.co.uk is what he means because we know the best ways to scan and correct the errors in a dissertation, be it the Typographic errors, Punctuation blunders or major Citation mistakes and that is why WE GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS

Around two weeks back I signed up for your editing services for my dissertation edit when I got tired of the grammatical and structural mistakes I make every now and then.

Whoever worked on my dissertation I would like him/her to know that I am really pleased and so is my advisor with the wonderful layout and flawless grammar and comprehension of my dissertation.

You competently solved my problems with your highly professional dissertation proofreading and stylistic dissertation editing services. Thank you very much.

Cathy O’Brien Nottingham, UK

We only hire the best of the best. All the selected editors must have…
  1. To pass a meticulous employment successions process.
  2. Professional editing experience of at least 3 years.
  3. Graduate or undergraduate degrees from well-known universities.
In order for you to get your dissertation edited in a timely and professionally customized manner you will have a direct access to stay in touch with your editor throughout the course of the dissertation editing process to get your dissertation edited according to your supervisor’s comments or requirements. We are proud of our services because it’s fast, reliable and guarantees on-time delivery. You will receive your edited dissertation ahead of time or on the deadline that you W will provide. However, we strive hard to deliver it to you 24 hours before the deadline.

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