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Dissertation Draft

Tips and Tricks for Composing an Impressive Dissertation Draft in First Try

‘You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite it with your head’.

This famous line is from the movie Finding Forrester. The speaker may have been referring to writing novels in the movie but the same applies for dissertation composition.

If you think that writing the first draft of the dissertation is difficult then wait till you move on to the real thing.

But the more articulate your first draft is, the better the real thing will be.

So how can you articulate the

first draft of dissertation

that will impress your supervisors?
Here’s how!

Tips and Tricks for Composing the First Dissertation Draft The tricks

The trick for articulating a good first draft for dissertation is to clear your mind before you start writing. For that you need to pick a time for draft writing when you are most relaxed. This can be early morning or late at night whatever suits you.

The Tips

Go through the below mentioned tips and you will surely be able to compose a draft that deserves applaud.

  1. Write the first draft as quickly as possible

The objective of the first draft is to get as many ideas for the report down on the paper as possible. That means that if you take too many breaks or elongate the process to much then you will never be able to produce the same level of productivity and output as you would in a single sitting. While writing don’t about the grammar and sentence structuring, only concentrate on the raw ideas.

  1. Reconstruct your research objectives and hypothesis wherever possible to create a better one

While writing the first draft, there will be many instances where you will want to reconstruct your hypothesis or objective to better suit the research report. Don’t hesitate to do that in those instances. Your objectives and hypothesis are only a guiding factor for you at the moment and are not final. If you can come up with something better, then that is good. Just make sure that the new objectives or hypothesis is suitable for the theme that you have chosen.

  1. Mark the sentences or sections which you can’t complete at the moment and carry on with the rest of the document

If you are having trouble writing a particular section or sentence in your draft, then leave it aside for a while and carry on with the rest of the report. You will be able to successfully complete that part the next time you sit to write.

  1. Even if you don’t feel like writing one day, write anyways

You may think that whatever you are writing now is useless and crappy but there are still a lot of chances that you will be able to get a few productive statements from a few pages of that useless material which will help you write further on.

In conclusion, grab a piece of paper, relax and start jotting down whatever comes to your mind regarding the topic.

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