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Dissertation Defense Dissertation Discussion

How To Write A Successful Dissertation Discussion That Does Not Seem Like You Are Shoving Your Point Of View In Readers Throat!

By: Dominic Corey

If you want to give credibility to your dissertation you have to score big in the dissertation discussion.

In the DISSERTATION DISCUSSION SECTION you have to explain how the data has been collected and WHY have you collected the data in a particular way!

Your main job is to give an unbiased view in the dissertation discussion using quantitative or qualitative analysis.

You have to compare your own findings with the findings you mentioned in your literature review.

The quantitative analysis mostly is the result of your statistical tools you may have used to prove your point and test your hypothesis. They may be using ANOVA, Z-score etc. In you dissertation discussion you have to explain how the statistical analysis you did supported or rejected you hypothesis.

The qualitative results are based on your dissertation finding, mostly from conduction of surveys. You have to interpret your survey findings in proving your dissertation statement.

A sample of statistical tool used in the dissertation discussion to prove the hypothesis.

Using Regression method to test hypothesis:

Number of Respondents Percentages
1st & 2nd 67 67%
Total 100 100%

H2: p > 0.5
α= 0.05
C.R=z>z0.05 =z>1.645

Test Statistic

x= Number of response for affordability.
n= Sample size.
p= Proportion of success.
q= Proportion of failure.

z=x-np /√npq
=67-(100)(0.5) 67-50 = 17 = 3.4
(100)(0.5)(0.5)√25 5
z= 3.4

Decision: Accept H2A at α=0.05 and conclude that the most important factor for a customer when purchasing a car is reliability.

Dissertation Discussion is usually strongly connected to the Results section, for it explains and evaluates. Hence it is of immense importance to your dissertation. Take it seriously. It may be the reason your dissertation is accepted or not.

For further samples and help regarding Dissertation Results and Discussion Chapter contact me anytime and I’ll gladly provide more samples for your better understanding!

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