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Dissertation Bibliography

Tips On How To Write Your DISSERTATION BIBLIOGRAPHY Without Committing Dissertation Killing Blunders

By: Dominic Corey

A dissertation bibliography is a list of the sources you have used and cited when writing your dissertation. May it be from a newspaper, a website or a book you have to cite them all?


There are several ways to write a dissertation bibliography. However, most importantly you need to know how to quote your reference
If your reference in your dissertation bibliography is a book with one author you have to write the authors complete name along with the book’s name

If your reference in your dissertation bibliography is a magazine again write the authors full name along with the name of magazine and the date the article from the magazine was published

If you refer a chapter or an article from a book in your dissertation bibliography name the author, the book name and the chapter along with the page number

If you refer an article without an author in your dissertation bibliography make sure you mention the name of the article, where and what date was it published

If you refer to a film in your dissertation bibliography write the name of the director along with the distributor and the release date
If you refer to the World Wide Web in your dissertation bibliography be sure the mention the URL

If you refer to an encyclopedia article in your dissertation bibliography write the volume number of the article after the title of the Encyclopedia
These are very much most the sources you will mention in your dissertation. For more tips you can contact me any time and I’ll gladly give you more tips



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Final note

A dissertation bibliography gives your dissertation credibility. Try to quote proper references as they may be the deciding factor whether your dissertation is accepted or not. For further help regarding dissertation bibliography contact me any time. The help is free.

Find out how you can make your dissertation bibliography in simple steps

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