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Dissertation Background

How to Develop a Solid Dissertation Background for Your Research Characters?

  • Are you going through a writer’s block and don’t know how to begin your dissertation?
  • You have been told that your dissertation needs to begin with a research background but you don’t even know what that is let alone compose it?

Let us make life a little easier for you
Well, composing a dissertation background is like writing a novel.

To make a story interesting, the first thing that a novelist does is create a background story; a history of the main characters to explain why they are acting the way they are. That makes it easier for the readers to relate to the characters and the plot of the story
Same is the case for a research background

Think of it as an opportunity to introduce your characters (the variables) to the audience, give a brief of their past (history of your research) and explain why they are acting the way they are (justify why this research is so important to be conducted and its implications).

And this entire story has to be summarized between one and one and a half pages of the report.

So how should you develop a research background that can fully prepare your readers for the rest of the research?

Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you compose an interesting dissertation background

  • Try to engage your audience from the start. Avoid using difficult and technical terms and write this part of the report in a smooth free flowing form
  • Make sure that the background reflects your interest and passion in the research work. What you write here will tell your readers the depth of your knowledge and experience in your research theme?
  • In your background, try to mention the concepts, questions and theories that have been previously researched related to the theme of your research. For example, if you are writing about a famous strategic human resource model then try to explain how this research was conducted in the past and what the outcome of the investigation was
  • This is your chance to justify why you took this theme as your research topic so make sure that you fully convince your readers of the same

In conclusion, to compose a solid background for your thesis, just answer the following questions

  • What is the issue?
  • Why did you choose this particular theme for your research?
  • Why is it necessary to cater to this problem?
  • Who will benefit if this issue is resolved?
  • How will you attempt to resolve this issue?
  • Give the tentative hypothesis of your study
  • What are the limitations and considerations of your research study?

This will cover all the relevant points that you need to answer in your dissertation background effectively

Find out how you can develop dissertation background?

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