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Dissertation Appendix

Dissertation Appendix – Why Do You Need It and How to Compose It?

Are you browsing through websites for a proper research report format but have not found anything worthy yet?

Are you tired of going through useless links that claim to show you a proper appendix format for your dissertation but has only resulted in wasting your time?

Your search comes to an end with us.

Here, we will not only give you guidelines for the inserts that should be included in your appendix but will also give you examples for dissertation appendix so that you may be able to understated it better.

But first let’s have a look what a dissertation appendix is?

If you look the word up in the dictionary you will see that it means ‘supplementary material’ and that is exactly the purpose it serves in a dissertation. It includes the material that extra material that will support your thesis research like the questionnaires through which you have conducted your research etc.

Why do you need an Appendix in dissertation?

The most important rule of dissertation composition is that it should be easy to read and structured formally with relevant research material only. At the same time, it is important to include all information that is relevant to your research to give a transparent view of your hard effort. This is where your appendix part comes in. It is a place to include all the relevant information regarding your investigative research without cluttering the dissertation. In most cases, the appendix is obligatory but is usually followed so that your report contains all vital pieces of information without being boring.

Just like every other part of a dissertation, the appendix also follows a proper composition format.

Guidelines to the Appendix of a Dissertation

For appendix of a dissertation, the below mentioned guidelines should be followed:

  1. The appendix section should always be followed by the bibliography or references
  2. It should be clearly mentioned in the research report’s table to contents
  3. It should be written in capitalized and bold format in the center of the page i.e. APPENDIX
  4. It should be followed by a number or alphabet i.e. APPENDIX A or APPENDIX 1
  5. Each Appendix should begin from a new page
  6. The number format for the Appendix section of the report will follow the rest of the report’s page number format

What should the Appendix include?
It can include

  1. Questionnaires and interviews
  2. Graphs and tables
  3. Tests and experiments details
  4. Detailed accounting sheets
  5. Operational manuals
  6. Maps

Dissertation Appendix Example:

(Sample Questionnaires)
(Table for Product Sales)

Hence, if you think that you have worked hard on a piece of information that cannot be inserted in the research report for the fear of making it boring, then insert it in the Appendix for relevance and validity of your work.

Find out how you can make Appendix in dissertation?

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