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Development Conceptual Framework

How to Effectively Criticize the Development of Conceptual Framework In Your Dissertation?

“Constructive criticism is about finding something good and positive to soften the blow to the real critique of what really went on.”

  • Paula Abdul

Just as it is important is it developing a conceptual framework for your dissertation, it is even more important to analyze it critically to make sure that you have created the right framework which will be the road map and guiding factor for your entire thesis or dissertation.

Below mentioned are a few steps to criticize the development of a conceptual framework for your research report:

While developing a conceptual framework, identify and evaluate the general character of your graphical diagram. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I clearly defining the framework for my study?

(Some factors that should be clearly mentioned in your study area that if your study is empirical, phenomenological, quantitative, or qualitative.

  • Is the framework clearly defining the important variables of the study?

(Here you need to make sure that you mention the dependent, independent, and other variables that are affecting the relationship between each other.)

  • Are the research problem and the variables in accordance with the main topic of research and the research problem?

  • Does the presumed outcome of results to the problem logically follow from the concepts of the framework?

(Sometimes researchers make the error of including hidden suppositions and presumptions into their study that make the outcome according to their expectations. This makes the study biased and insignificant. Make sure that have included all the important aspects in your framework and are working according to them.)

  • Is every aspect of my dissertation framework supported with proper sources?

(This is an important step to make your study authentic and valid. You can also use this information later in your literature review and present the sources in the bibliography)

  • Have I taken assistance from the literature review of my research?

(You can take help from previous research to give you an idea of what will work for your research report and how to go about it?)

  • Are all the main components in the framework linked to each other logically?

  • Are all the components in the framework sequenced chronologically?

(This will be very helpful when you have started working on the project as it will guide you step by step in your research work)

Always remember, just because you have designed your conceptual framework once does not mean that you do not have to critically analyze it for errors. There are also possibilities that you alter one of your variables which will alter your entire dissertation framework.

To sum it up, the development of a conceptual framework is like a road map for your dissertation and its research work; make sure that you create the right direction for your research work.

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