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Destination Branding Dissertation

Tourists buy the idea of Destination Branding Dissertation- Destination Branding, the new concept in tourism development!

Targeted Points to Complete Destination Branding Dissertation Brand Management Dissertation.

Destination Branding Dissertation

What kind of topic do we choose? How can we select a pattern? What are the different priorities and essentialities that should be covered in the destination branding dissertation?

Before addressing these entire questions, there is a strong need to carve some information about destination and branding. The destination can be anything from a nation to a region, a resort to a city, an attraction to an event – or even the tour operators that help them to sell. Branding defines a unique set of beliefs about a destination and the sort of holidays or breaks it offers – beliefs that are equally emotional and rational, make it stand out from the competition, and make it feel just right for each of its many targets audiences.

A dissertation on destination branding can be written with comprehension of every aspect of it that will buy the attraction of the tourist.

Model illustration of a Dissertation Project on Destination Branding

  • Strong compelling and attractive topic and introduction of the dissertation project.
  • The motivation for this study with research problems related to destination branding.
  • Purpose and key concepts of the project
  • The scientific and logical approach

The theoretical foundation for branding a country, region, city, place as a tourism destination

  • Tourism destination branding as a context to study image and brands
  • Destination identity concept
  • Different perspectives on branding discussion
  • Place branding and its sub-sector, destination branding
  • Concluding remarks: image building a destination branding activity

Research Strategies

  • Intensive, single case study
  • Case description – introducing the context
  • Data collection and methods of analysis
  • Standardized personal interviews
  • Press articles from the press
  • Rhetorical analysis of the press articles


  • Review of the findings
  • Conceptual contribution
  • Evaluation of the study
  • Future research
  • Conclusions from the study

Brand Management Dissertation

As Wikipedia says, “Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific productproduct linebrand, or destination. It seeks to increase the product’s perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand franchise and brand equity”.

So a dissertation on brand management must be filled with the classic knowledge of brand management and marketing skill and it effectively follows marketing research and an example of a case study of a successfully managed brand.

Branding Dissertation on Destination

Selecting a destination for the branding dissertation is a complicated task to work as but here is some advice:

  • Choose a topic branding dissertation on the destination which can be studied within a few weeks without having to travel too far. It is possible to do a dissertation based on an overseas destination
  • Opt something that is ‘well-focused’, meaning that it is fairly simple to do and very specific by nature
  • Is the information you need easily available? Some might exist in published reports; more might come from talking to the right people or observing activities, visitor behavior, and so on.

Giving brand couture to the destination which makes it look much more attractive to the tourist can get you to the most successful campaigns and the dissertation writing can be done in terms of the famous branding destination giants, like Paris, Las Vegas.

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  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
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