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Design Methodology.

Research Design Methodology: Compose Your Research Design with These 6 Simple Steps

According to Kerlinger (1986):

“Research design and methodology is the plan and structure of investigation so conceived so as to obtain answers to the research question. The plan is the overall program of the research and includes an outline of what the investigator will do from writing the hypothesis and their operational implications for the final analysis of the data.”

So to define research design methodology in simple words; it is to say the strategy that will be used to explain the methodology that will be used in the research in order to build things.

Below mentioned are a few simple steps through which you can develop your design methodology easily:

Step 1.

Developing the Research Question:

After the selection of the topic, one of the most important steps is to develop the research question. The research question is built upon the overall aims and objectives of your study. The easiest way to design the research question is to take the main objective of the study and to mold it in the form of a question.


Developing the hypothesis:

After the research question has been developed, you can now move on to your research hypothesis. The hypothesis is a statement on which your entire investigative process will be based on.


Selecting A Research Method:

The research method includes the techniques and methods that you will be using for your study. Some examples of the research method are the qualitative and quantitative methods, the surveyor observation methods, etc. The best way to select the right method for your research is to go through the literature review of your research. Study the methods that have been used by the researchers previously and see what the results have been. This will give you an idea of what you should use for your study.


Finalizing Data Gathering Techniques and Instruments:

After the methods have been finalized, you can now move on to the instruments and tools through which you will gather the data for your study. Here, you can opt for questionnaires, personal interviews, etc. The instruments you choose for your study will depend on your research methods.


Collecting And Analyzing The Data Through A Proper Statistical Tool:

After the data has been gathered, you will need to update and analyze it through proper statistical software. The biggest advantage of using these statistical soft wares is that data can be analyzed automatically in a lot of ways through them.


To Give Conclusion of the Research (I.E. Whether The Hypothesis Was Accepted Or Rejected?):

After the results have been obtained, you will answer the most important question of your research: Has the hypothesis been rejected or accepted? You will also need to interpret your analysis and explain why the results have been accepted or rejected.

So, follow these six simple steps and you will be able to design your research methodology in no time.

“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

– Albert Einstein

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