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Depression Research Papers

How to Come Up With Good Grade Winning Great Depression Research Papers?

The great depression research paper is often assigned to the students in order to check and analyze the I.Q. level of the students. Sometimes this papers turn out to be tricky because students have to be expert in dissecting the economic indicators in order to understand the causes and impacts of the great depression that surfaced throughout the world till 1940s.

Not only that, students have to determine all the events that possibly contributed to the severe economic breakdown globally which is not as easy as it seems to be. For those students who are facing difficulty in crafting the great depression research papers can count on the following roadmap.

First step:

Sub-topic selection

Obviously the major theme for your paper is the great depression so you have to choose at least three sub-topics that will be discussed by you in the upcoming paper. All the three topics would be selected on the basis of the relevancy with the thesis statement. For instance, you can go for a stock market crash, bank failures and bank runs as the three major topics for your paper.

Second step:

Gathering and organizing information

You won’t find any difficulty in searching for the material pertinent to the great depression. For this, the internet can be the biggest source. Collect all the necessary information for the paper and then organize it accordingly. This is what we call as outline making which will clearly define a boundary for writing the great depression research paper.

Third step:


Introduction is the place where a reader decides to move on reading the paper or not so you have to be very careful when composing the introduction. It should start with an attention grabber followed by a strong thesis statement. An ideal way to start the paper is to begin it with a quote on great depression. For instance:

“Our Generation has had no Great war, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives.”

Chuck Palahniuk

Fourth step:

Body paragraph

In the body paragraphs, you will be elaborating and evaluating the thesis statement in a step by step fashion. You will have to craft at least three arguments so as to support the claim you made in the thesis statement where each of the argument should be discussed in a separate paragraph along with the relevant evidence as well.

Fifth step:


The best way to write the conclusion is to provide a synopsis of the whole great depression research paper. The most elements of a conclusion are:

  1. Restatement of the thesis statement
  2. Key points discussed in the paper
  3. A clincher

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