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Define Research Problems and How to formulate a research problem

Defining Research Problem– Because Problems Is Not the Problem, Your Understanding Is!

  • Are you trying to make your thesis or dissertation but don’t even know how to define the research problem?
  • You may easily be able to Google research problem definition but who will tell you exactly what it is?
  • Are you stressed because your thesis is due soon?
This is where we come into your rescue.

Definition of the research problem:

Defining any research problem in the simplest form fundamental l for research work, in fact, a problem is basically a question that needs to be answered. After the selection of a topic for your thesis or dissertation, identifying a research problem is the first essential step in designing a research proposal. The main aim of a research problem is to identify what are the factors that contribute towards the occurrence of the issue and why they exist in the first place.

The aim of the research problem is to provide a structure for the concepts, tools, and methods that can be used to resolve an issue that has been undertaken. It would not be wrong to call a research problem the central focus of a thesis or dissertation as the entire methodology, data collection, analysis and conclusion process depends on the need statement.

How to formulate a research problem?

A good study problem should mainly be composed of three components

  • The Ideal Situation: This is where you provide the history of the issue and inform your readers of the ideal situation that can exist.
  • The Main Problem: Next comes the main part of the problem. This is where you not only inform what the problem is but also answer 4 other Ws along with it.
    • What is the problem?
    • Where does it occur?
    • Why is it occurring?
    • When does it occur?
  • The Scope of The Problem: This is where you define the extent of your study and give a brief overview of the kind of methodology you would be using to work for the solution. Along with that, you would also provide justifications for the selection of this study and provide consequences if the study is ignored.

What is the sign of a good research problems?

After composing the need statement, answer the following research questions. If you can honestly answer all the answers with a ‘yes’, then you can assure yourself that it falls in the criteria of a good research problem:

  • Is the study current enough?
  • Does your field of study have enough scope to conduct the research?
  • Will you be able to find a solution to the issue through the investigation?
  • Will the research add value on a scientific or social level?
  • Can the data needed to conduct the analysis be gathered easily?
  • Is the research problem important to you?
  • Are you skilled enough to conduct the study?

Now that you have a clear view of the study problem, you can go on to composing one for your thesis or dissertation easily In case after explicitly defining research problem you would also like to learn how to answer the research problem if you that is the case then you are just a click away to find most updated dissertation answering tips.

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