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Define Theoretical Framework

Simplifying your approach to the understanding in the Theoretical Framework approach Goggling for weeks to find out nothing but lengthy guides on making theoretical framework but nobody wants to tell you what is this theoretical framework thing? Poor you!

Tried searching “define: a theoretical framework”. All you find out was a technical definition that is way too difficult for you to understand…while other results were about building a conceptual framework, now what the heck is that?

First let me tell you, conceptual and theoretical frameworks are the two names of the same thing that you are searching for weeks.

Secondly, this article will shed all your worries since it is all about to

define a theoretical framework

using as easy words as possible.

Simplest definition:

Theoretical framework is based on the theories to have a closer look at something intricate – the research topic.

Broader perspective:

Theoretical framework is an analytical structure – the proposed one to hold up a theory, its relevance with the research subject and why the research problem exist the way it is by creating a relationship with dependent and independent variables as a whole.

In depth analysis:

Theoretical framework is a sensible collection of interrelated concepts just like a proposed theory to determine a roadmap to the research work for getting better and accurate results, the measures, the objects, and the statistical relationships that a researcher should look for.

It is a theory-testing sort of a diagram, thus, the proposed theories must be well-thought-out. Theoretical frameworks though are important for every range of research but it especially goes for explanatory research work where you really don’t what is going on and where the research will take you.

The greatest advantage of preferring theoretical frameworks for the studies is that it discards any pre-conceived notions rolling in your mind which is the prime objective of any researcher.

Cases and variables, as mentioned above, play a pivotal part in theoretical framework completion process of a theoretical framework. In logical framework making, one has to determine the dependent and independent variables. Thus, such a framework must be crafted with a careful examination of both the variables.

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