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Computer Science Research Topics and Ideas

Computer Science Research Topics

List of Top Computer Science Research Topics Ideas of 2021 to Make Your Assignment Easier

  • Do you have to submit the most important assignment of your life in a month and you haven’t even started it yet?
  • Are you freaked out because you haven’t even decided on a research topic yet?
  • Is your thesis or dissertation giving you sleepless nights?
  • Aren’t you lucky you found us?

Computer science is one of the most rapidly advancing fields which have new innovative inventions coming up every day. Because of that, you need to make sure that the computer science research topics that you select is current and original.

Make sure that it does not become obsolete by the time your thesis is completed otherwise all your efforts will be wasted.

Some Ideas for Computer Science Research Topics

  1. Privacy Issues in Computer Technology: Computer privacy is one of the rising issues of the technological world and lot is not done on this topic and it’s a research gap that can be filled with your investigative research. Try to determine how a lack of online privacy has impacted others or what the consequences that people have to face are.
  2. Use of Computer Science in Different Fields: Technology or computer science is a field that is becoming more and more important in other fields. You can study the importance of computer science in the field of education, nursing or social sciences. There are also a lot of small devices that are used in the medical field. Taking assistance from medical devices, try to research how it has altered our lives. Try to determine if the impact that it has created in other fields has been positive or negative.
  3. Relate the Topic of Your Interest to Computer Science: Another great idea would be to relate computer science with the field of your interest. Are you interested in architectural designs? Then how about comparing the architectural structure of different computer databases? If you are interested in history then you can try comparing past databases with the present ones. Another idea is to pick a component in the computer science field like a particular database, software or language and compare it with a particular field of research like education. For example, ‘evaluation database methodology for teachers’ performance in an educational institute’
  4. Impact of Computer Technology in our Daily Jobs: This is one of the issues that daily workers are most concerned about and it can be a theme for an investigative study. Can computer technology or robots ever truly substitute human jobs keeping the same level of productivity? Take a specific field and compare how it can be affected by computer science. Mechanical jobs can be performed by machines but what about the creative and artistic tasks? Can they be carried out through computer technology with the same level of the outcome?

Always remember, the best way to come up with a great research theme is to look around you. Observe the issues that people are facing related to your field of research and make a list. Pick out the one that is most interesting for you. To improve your observation for the computer science topics.

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