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Cloning Research Papers

Seven Recommended Counter Arguments for Cloning Research Papers Writing

Cloning has always been a controversial and debatable topic since its inception. it is processed through which human clones are created which has invariably questioned by different religious authorities of the world because it tends to go beyond the universal laws while some believe that it is the result of spectacular human research and knowledge. This research will definitely understand the pros and cons of human cloning that the people would get aware of it. Most people even do not know yet about human cloning.

This research paper provides many different choices for the student, they can either write against or in favor of cloning in their assignment or write an informative based research paper. The most common topic that is assigned to the student is on human cloning. As said earlier, they can either write in favor or against the subject in their cloning research papers.

Students have to come up with interesting counter-arguments in order to write worth reading paper. As human cloning is a very controversial topic, one can easily develop good counter-arguments but still, if you are confused then have a look at the following suggestions.

  1. It will be very dangerous for human civilization if human cloning becomes common for every human would come up with a clone that might create a negative impact on the world.
  2. Human cloning is like challenging nature rules which will only implicate the whole process.
  3. We don’t have any right to challenge the rules of nature by bringing genetic modification among human beings.
  4. Cloning has no guarantee that the clone will survive and live to a certain period of life. We are not God and thus we should not try to interfere in His work.
  5. Prominent religions of the world like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism strictly condemn the practice of cloning.
  6. The reproduction process would be stopped and no one would bother to get married.You can also provide an example of Dolly, the first mammal to be cloned from adult DNA. She was put down by injection before her death. No matter, how much human try but he cannot create any clone.
  7. There can be a list of counter-arguments against the act of cloning to write cloning research papers. All you have to do is to read, understand and utilize them in your assignment.

Final Tips:

  1. You must get the whole idea of human cloning before actually working on the assignment.
  2. You can also provide a religious and ethical aspect of human cloning in different religions of the world in detail.
  3. You can also provide various problems that human cloning can bring with it like the importance of human beings can be diminished.

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