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Choosing A Research Topic

How To Select a Research Topic That Is Ideal For Your Final Year Thesis?

The entire process of research report begins with the study topic. The better the theme of the research is, the more interesting the investigative process will be.

Naturally, How to selaect a research topic is the hardest and significant of all tasks.

But don’t worry; we have few guidelines for you, following these suggestios you can easily come up with a research topic for your thesis or dissertation.

How to Select a Research Topic:

  • Select A Research Theme That Interests You:Choosing a research theme for your thesis or dissertation is not an easy task. There are millions of questions that drive you crazy? Is the theme too broad? Is it too narrow? Will the data be available? Will the research be concluded in time? Instead of answering all such questions, just answer this one: Is the theme of my research interesting? All of the other questions are secondary compared to this one. There are very good chances that if your research theme is interesting for you to work on, then it will be interesting for others to read as well and the whole investigative process will also not look as dire if the field is of your interest.
  • Read background information:The next step is to do a little homework on the topic. Browse through the internet and see if there are any researches done previously that might help you. It is a good idea to select a theme that has similar studies conducted previously as that will give you a better idea how to conduct the research but make sure that your theme of research is still substantially different from the other studies so that it is significant and unique. It is also a good idea to visit the local library and have a look at the research journals and books available there for better insight.
  • Establish a key concepts of your research topic:establish and develop akey concepts of your study. If they are structured in the form of a question, then they are easier to understand. For example, if your topic is related to aging, then one of the key concepts of the study can be
    • Is memory loss related to aging?
    • What are the long term consequences of anti-aging drugs?
  • Identify variables in the key concept:From the key concepts that you have identified above, what are the main variables? It is important to determine the variables in the theme of your research as they are the basic factors for the measurement of your hypothesis which you will form later. From the example stated above, the two variables are ‘aging’ and ‘memory loss’.
  • Write the topic of your research with the help of the variables:Now, it is time to convert the research variables into the theme of the study. The topic should not be a complete sentence and should be as short as possible. From the example stated above, the topic of the research can be ‘effect of aging on memory loss’ or ‘long term effects of anti-aging drugs on health.’

Now, after reading this article on how to select a research topic you would be naturally eager to learn about second step of your dissertation. Click here to see how to proceed in your thesis after chosing an appropriate topic.

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