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Chemistry Coursework A Level Topics and Ideas

Suggestive Topics Regarding Chemistry Coursework for A Level

Chemistry is a course that students of science usually have to adopt in GCSE and A level for completing their academic studies.

Mostly, students who plan to make a career in medicines adopt chemistry; thus, they are required to submit a chemistry coursework as the part of their study.

Coursework on chemistry not only let students to learn the subject but also help them in getting a job whether it is a chemistry coursework for AS level or GCSE chemistry coursework.

Chemistry deals with structure and composition of matter along with chemical changes; thus, there are many topics for students to come with for their AS chemistry coursework, A2 chemistry coursework and chemistry coursework for GCSE.

In other words, students have hundreds of topics to choose from for their chemistry coursework in A2 and chemistry coursework for AS.

In order to help students in selection of a good topic for their chemistry coursework in A level, here is the list of a few suggestive topics for them:

  1. Investigation of Rate of Reaction between Marble Chips and Different Concentration of Hydrochloric Acid.
  2. Different Methods for the Preparation of Alkyl Halides.
  3. How to Identify Amino Acids in an Unknown Solution?
  4. Advantages of a Gas Syringe Method Over an Upside Down Burette Method
  5. Hazardous Effects of Acidic Compounds Responsible for Acid Rain.
  6. Analysis of the Chemical Components in Vitamin C.
  7. Health Impacts of Arsenic on a Human Being.
  8. Ways of Utilizing Ammonia
  9. Multiple Applications of Aspirin
  10. Iodine Clock Reaction for Displaying the Chemical Kinetics.
  11. Synthetic Biology & Gene Analysis
  12. Bioconjugation Chemistry Dangers
  13. Polymers Analysis in Restricted Environment
  14. Medicinal Chemistry & BRCA1 Gene Modification
  15. Stoichiometry & Mole Concept
  16. Dihydroxyacetone Phosphate Conversion
  17. Hydrophobic Effect Phenomenon
  18. Amide Bonds Function in Polypeptide Field
  19. Why Do Chemical Reactions Work Not As Planned?
  20. Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
  21. Substance Abuse & Chemical Changes in Human Body

Hence, these were a few suggestive topics to help students in their chemistry coursework Hopefully, students of A level will get an idea from the preceding topics and come up with the topic of their own for their chemistry coursework for A level.

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