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Cerebral Palsy Research Paper

How to Handle Cerebral Palsy Research Paper in Six Simple Steps

Cerebral palsy is a non-curable disease that encompasses non-contagious motor problems which results in physical disability in human beings.

There has been plenty of research work conducted so far but with no worthwhile results. Thus, people suffering from this disease have to spend the rest of their lives with it. This is a broad concept which necessitates in-depth research when it comes to writing a cerebral palsy research paper. This research paper basically helps the students to explore different innovative knowledge and information that would help the patient to overcome this disease.

Apart from the secondary research work on the assignment, students have to take an interview from various patients to identify their feelings about the disease. Following is step by step by guideline which will take you through the difficult roads of this research paper writing.

1st step: Selection of the topic

The topic should be not a very hard task for you because the theme is the same. Think, what topic would be informative for the readers plus it should be of interest. For example; if you think you can easily write on the signs and symptoms of the disease then start it without any second thought. Other good topics could be the causes of cerebral palsy.

2nd step: gathering information

Gathering information can be a grueling task for you because it will deal with both secondary and primary research. For secondary research, you have to consult journals, articles, magazines, newspapers, etc. Whereas; for primary research, you must be conducting interviews from the patients and doctors who know about the treatment process.

3rd step: Organizing the information

Before you organize the information gathered in the preceding step for the above mentioned research paper, you should get rid of extraneous information that is irrelevant to the topic. After this, you must start off with your outlines that will be defining the boundaries of your assignment.

4rth step: Introduction writing

Writing the introduction first demands and attention grabber, for example; an ideal way to begin an introduction is to ask a question about the topic such as; do you know what the symptoms of cerebral palsy are? After the attention grabber, you must work on the thesis statement that is the statement of the problem you will be addressing in the later part of the research paper.

5th step: Body writing

With the aid of valid arguments, you will be addressing the thesis statement in detail. For instance; if you are dealing with the possible causes of cerebral palsy then you will discuss each cause in a separate paragraph.

6th step: conclusion writing

The conclusion is the climax of the paper where a short summary is represented of the whole assignment. It would be better if you re-state the thesis statement to stress the issue.

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