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Cause Research Papers

20 Acclaimed Titles for Cause and Effect Research Papers

These research papers deals proper reasoning about particular happenings. To make it simpler, it analyzes two variables that are directly proportional to each other. Mostly, students enjoy writing cause and effect research paper because they have to analyze a certain phenomenon with its causes and effects globally while in the end, they have to provide complimentary suggestions to avoid the effects in the future as well. This research paper is very helpful for the students because it makes the students read the topic thoroughly to generate ideas for causes and effects.

The biggest problem which is encountered by the students is the topic selection for research papers on cause and effect so we have a list of titles that must be considered by the students. Have a look at them:

Topic Suggestions for Cause and Effect Research Papers

  1. Childhood obesity – causes and its effects
  2. What are the factors that are causing global warming? What are the impacts of it on the world?
  3. Causes and effects of the catastrophic incident of September Nine Eleven
  4. Causes of the famous Cuban crisis occurred in October? What were the global impacts of the Cuban crisis?
  5. What were the contributing factors or causes and impacts of the Virginia Tech Massacre?
  6. A critical comparison between the causes and effects of the two world wars
  7. Symptoms and the possible causes for sleep deprivation or insomnia and its hazardous effects on human beings.
  8. Highlight the causes of NFL controversy-2007 including valid reasons for the patriots to spy and how did it implicate the life and career of the patriots.
  9. Causes and effects of illiteracy and poverty in a society
  10. What are the biological causes of radiation and its impacts?
  11. What are the causes and impacts of an increasing number of lung cancer patients in a society?
  12. Causes and impacts of early marriages in a particular society
  13. Causes and impacts of increasing inflation globally.
  14. What are the causes of deforestation in the world? What are the major impacts of deforestation in the long run?
  15. Jot down different causes for noise pollution and its effects
  16. Computer revolution – Major causes and Impacts
  17. Causes of increasing rural to urban migration and its impact on agricultural-based societies.
  18. Causes and impacts of racial discrimination in society.
  19. What were the causes and global impacts of the American Civil War?
  20. Cause of the increasing demand for Fast Foods and its impact on people’s health.

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