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Introduction of Cause and Effect Essay Writing

Guidelines on how to write a cause and effect essay introduction with example

The cause and effect essay writing includes some writing rudiments that may seem more professional than those of a descriptive or narrative essay might contain. The most important feature of cause and effect essays is the reasonable and factual writing tone which is usually backed up with the sources.

The validity of cause and effect paper depends on the sources chosen by the writer. Additionally, the first-person point of view does not work in cause effect essays. Consider the following sentences:

  • I believe that gun control measures should be taken in every hamlet in America.
  • Gun control measures should be taken in every hamlet in America.

The first sentence in which the first person is used actually limits the meaning of the sentence to just the writer, and it shows as if writer is justifying himself.

The second sentence is much forceful than the first one as it makes a statement which is not limited to just what the writers believe,

How to write Introductions to a Cause and Effect Essay


Introductory cause and effect analysis suggests the creation of a few cause-effect parameters before the development of thesis.

1. What effect or effects will you be analyzing in the cause and effects essay?
2. What causal chain leads to the effect?
3. What relationship will you be trying to establish between cause and effect (your topic), and why (your thesis)?

Purpose of Introduction of Cause and Effects Essay

The purpose is to make your reader comprehend what you are talking about to give a thorough background. The measure of elucidation is dependent on the how complex the issue is.

In case of simple issue, a writer might be able to explain in the introduction otherwise he might need another paragraph to go in to more detail. You have to prove the existence of trend, for instance, before you can argue what its cause and effect.

Features of Cause and Effect Essay Introduction

  • Provide thesis
  • basis for causal chain
  • effect or effects identification
  • The key question is, what caused this?

Final Words

I hope the information I have put in this article would definitely be useful as an ultimate resource for your cause and effect essay writing assignments or tasks. Still if you have any question or feedback regarding the article than you can freely contact us. You comments and feedbacks will be highly appreciable.

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