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Capstone Research Paper

Eight Points Guideline for Writing Capstone Research Papers

Capstone is a specialized course in public relation and thus students have to pass their capstone research paper assignment if they want to pass their course. The basic purpose of the course of the capstone is to enhance the overall presence and objective of the field of public relations. Therefore, the overall objective of your assignment is to check how much the students know about the capstone and public relations.

This research paper can be a bit painstaking for the students because of the nature of research work involved, it demands an applied form of research which becomes difficult to handle some times. Basically, they have to evaluate the whole concept of the capstone in the paper. If you have been also assigned the task for writing your assignment then here is a brief guideline that will aid you in writing completing your assignment on time.

Hence, you should follow the above-told guideline in order to get good marks in your capstone research paper assignment. Try them and see how much it improve the writing quality of your research paper assignment

Guideline for capstone research paper writing

  • Applied research is a kind of research which involves solves practical problems that are from our everyday life. So, in order to conduct applied research one has to frequently visit his capstone advisor and fellow mates to get their interview so that you can collect information on the topic.
  • Gathering the data is not enough, the students have to analyze them critically while also eradicate the irrelevant information.
  • The theme of this research paper must be stated in one single sentence in the form of a thesis statement.
  • Applied research work involves dealing with real-life problems, so students have to analyze them in accordance with the fact in the light of the thesis statement, all the equipment should be balanced.
  • Each and every idea should be organized in a logical manner so the readers don’t find it difficult to understand the main theme of the subject. An ideal way to deal with the situation is to craft an outline before actually writing the paper.
  • Provide a strong clincher at the end of the paper by restating the thesis statement, some major points you discussed so far in the body of the paper. Also, you can provide some personal points of view and suggestions to solve the problem.
  • Don’t forget to proofread your research paper before the final submission because a small mistake can lead to major impacts. Major mistakes that students commit usually are spelling, grammar, and poor sentence structure.
  • Use transition words wherever necessary in order to maintain a flow throughout the paper, also make sure the whole paper makes sense and is organized logically.

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