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Business Research Topic

How to Select a Great Business Research Topic for Your Thesis ina Matter of Few Hours?

You haven’t even decided on a research theme yet, how will you complete your entire thesis or dissertation?

Are you freaked out because you become blank whenever you try to think about a business research theme?

You’re in luck-go through the brainstorming process below and you will be able to come up with

great a business research topic

in no time:

  1. The first step is to go through the business topics that were discussed recently around you-in your class or among your peers. Start noting them down in one place so that you can refer back to them later.
    • Browse through the internet, newspaper, and magazine and see what the latest business-related issues are. Try and find a topic that has not already been researched upon. It is wiser to select a theme that will not give rise to controversy and resources for the investigative process can be easily accessed. If you already have some knowledge regarding the theme that you choose, then that will prove to be additionally advantageous.
  2. Talk to experts in the business field. You can talk to your peers or teachers regarding the topic to have better insight. Don’t hesitate to contact business leaders through email or call. If you approach them tactfully, I’m sure they would be more than willing to help.
  3. After you have decided on a business study theme, you got to ensure that it fulfills the following criteria:
    • Make sure that the topic you have selected is of your interest because if you are not interested in writing on it, there are good chances that people might not be interested in reading it.
    • The scope of your research theme should be wide enough to be studied but narrow enough to be completed in the given time frame.
    • Your research should be making a significant impact in the business field.
    • Make sure that you can easily gain access to the data required for your investigative process.

Some examples of business research themes are:

  • Affect of informal culture on organizational productivity
  • Impact of employee contribution in organizational goal setting
  • Strategies for business performance measurement
  • Effect of employee unions on organizational productivity
  • Impact of strategic human resource management on company productivity
  • Effect of job characteristics on employee’s satisfaction
  • Effect of employee job enrichment activities on company productivity
  • Impact of ‘green’ organization on its yearly profits
  • Impact of skills development programs on managerial performance
  • Methods to prevents organizational fraud.
  • Impact of performance-based remuneration on employee satisfaction

In nutshell, the process of selection of business research topics depends on your interest and expertise in the given field. Once you have come up with a business research topic that is appealing to you, going through the rest of the processes of investigative study

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