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Business Research Questions

Business Research Questions – Different Types and Samples for Your Business Research Report

Are your thesis or dissertation due in a few months and you haven’t even started it?

If you are a business student and trying to get for making business research questions, then you know that research reports cannot be written in one night. They require proper planning and meticulous analysis. So for this purpose, this article is the best choice for you.

I’m sure that must be freaking you out!

So, where should you begin your thesis or dissertation from? After the selection of the topic of your study, the most integral step is formulating the research question.

A research question is the most important part of the study. It tells you specifically what you want to study and what the assumed outcome of your study is. If you compose this part of your study right in the first attempt, then you can assure yourself that formulating the rest of your investigative report can be done easily.

To make your life easier for you, we have a few basic types of business research question and samples mentioned below:

  • Primary Research A research where you collect original data directly from respondents of research is called primary research. Some common ways to collect this type of data is through personal interviews, questionnaires and focus groups.

Some sample research questions are

    • What is the relationship between the age of individuals and their social media usage patterns?
    • What is the relationship between internet usage and grades of a student?
  • Secondary Research A research that compiles and analyzes existing data is called secondary data. Some common ways to collect such data is through governmental statistics and articles based on interviews with those who conducted primary research.

Some sample research questions are

    • What is the impact of the national interest rate on the stock market?
    • How does the rise in petroleum prices impact electricity prices in developing countries?
  • Qualitative Research This type of research is mainly focused on understanding the human mind to try to determine the justifications of their actions, decisions, and preferences. In this type of research, a research question tries to answer the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of decision making.

Some sample of business research questions are

    • What were the mystery shopper’s views on the service of the product?
    • How does a nurse’s attitude towards a patient affect his recovery?
  • Quantitative Research This type of research is conducted to determine the mathematical or statistical association between the variable of research. They have a specific goal of the study and the structure of their research question clearly states what the report will try to determine.

Some sample research questions are

    • Does an increase in a student’s assignments result in higher grades?
    • How does household incomes impact the number of students that drop out of school in developing countries?

Now that you have a better understanding of all types of business studies with their samples, composing a business research question can be done with minimum effort and stress.

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