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Business Research Proposal

Three Interesting

Topic Ideas on Business Research Proposal to Impress Your Teacher!

You are studying business since your father wants you to join your forefather’s business but how would you do that if you are not even sure how to make a business research proposal?

Research proposal is the first step towards the final year thesis project; hence, it must be well-designed to get an instant approval from your teacher the key to an immediate approval is an intriguing topic. These proposals are based on good guild lines that help them to prepare a their effective dissertation paper. These guide lines have a comprehensive coverage of methods that are used by experienced researcher’s investigation. The process can be well understood by going through the following three points described below to resolve your problems in writing a good business research dissertation.

Title is the first thing a reader reads then decides if he wants to continue reading the proposal or not, therefore, you cannot ignore the importance of it. Here are few interesting topic based on our research work for a student like you who is still searching for a business research proposal topic

Online Marketing:

Business marketing has a great importance in enhancing the overall exposure to a company but today, online marketing has taken over the world with its exceptional return on investment with almost zero investment. Online marketing is a contemporary buzzword in business world; therefore, it will definitely work for you and your degree.

  • Online marketing – ethics in moral issues
  • Affiliate marketing and its importance
  • The boom of social media for online business marketing

Human resource management:

All companies highly depend on human resource management for making an effective use of human work’s force. Research would be based on the implementation of the strategies to increase the competency of the employees. Furthermore, you can select any one of the given topic.

  • Human resource guidelines for profit and non-profit organizations
  • Introduction to human resource management
  • Roles and responsibilities of an HR manager

Business ethics:

Ethics and morals are for every field whether it’s teaching, research, writing or business. The most debatable topic is about the love-hate relationship between business and ethics. You can research to find out if the effective implementation of ethics can send business down the drain or it will help. Is it cost-effective? See if the following topics could help you to overcome the issues in bringing effective work ethics in office environment.

  • How ethics affects the employees’ morale?
  • How business ethics can affect customer behavior?
  • Risk of monetary damage due to the violation of business ethics.

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