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Book Critical Review

Critical Book Review That Makes It Irresistible For the Readers

Composing a four to five pages long critical book review
is not an easy task. Usually time and space and limited and yet there is so much that should be comprehended in the review that it becomes a challenge. The review must also be interesting, specific and objective for the reader to read. The review of the book is always important and it is considered essential for writing a book.

Because the review usually covers every important point, further it summarizes and concise the knowledge to the few paragraphs critically.

There are four main components of a critical review book:

  • Introduction:

This section is usually two to three paragraphs unless it is mentioned otherwise. You can start this section by giving your opinion on the title and author and then continue by giving a brief overview of the plot of the book. Here, you can also give your opinions on the writing and text of the book and your evaluation of the plot and structure of the story. Mention how the characters were described and evolved throughout the book and if they did justice to your expectation about the book. Here just make sure that your review of objective and specific. Don’t let your personal opinion about the author cloud your judgment and review about the book.
Don’t be afraid to write anything negative about the book if you were not satisfied but justify your claims.

  • Summary:

Now summarize the key points of the review and present them here. Explain the author’s purpose here and whether he was able to fulfill it. The summary should only make up about a third of the critical review.

  • Critique:

This is the main essence of the review. It should be composed so that it discusses and evaluates the strengths and weakness of the book objectively. Give examples to support your views. For the critique make sure that you start with the positive statements and then move on to the negatives. Here you can also give recommendations on how the text, structure and approach can be improved.

  • Conclusion:

For the conclusion, you can restate and give an overview of your opinions again. Briefly present your recommendations again and make sure that you sound unbiased and fair while stating the same.


This is another important part of the review but it not necessary for every review. This is mainly used when you use other sources for your review.

Final Tips:

  • Throughout the review, avoid using ‘I’ or ‘myself’. You are not here to talk about yourself but the book.
  • Make sure that the review is properly formatted and use formal fonts like Times Roman in 12 pt.
  • Always proof read.

In conclusion, make sure that your review is objective, unbiased, interesting, original, and easy to read and free of jargons. Also make sure that you start with a very catchy start so that the reader can distinguish your review from twenty others.

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