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Auditing Dissertation Topics

Auditing Dissertation Topics | Accounting information system

Preparing Auditing dissertation topics, Find The Best Topics To Come Up With A Proposal That Will Win The Heart Of Your Cold Blooded Professor In Minutes!

“The great thing about working in the accounting department is that everybody counts.”

So you see yourself as a future accountant in a multinational firm? But first, get the degree for that you have to pass the dissertation project for that you have to deliver an impressive auditing research proposal on an impressive topic.

You can safely assume that your project is half approved when your teacher approves your auditing research proposal. The thing that matters most here is to write a research proposal that is convincing enough and for that, you are bound to select a topic that interests your professor. The proposal based on accounting has got enough room and points to write.

The modern time has got the new shape of which includes e-accounting which is important in order to save the time and it is one of new emergent line to make as career for any individual. The accounting information system is mostly used in the big business to cater more target market and business.

Accounting information system also reduces the chances of mistakes when the work is done at the big level and the accounts books are compiled so the accounting information system is used to have faster and error free transaction. There are different methods are used for book keeping like single entry book keeping system which is not used now because it has only one impact which transferred which makes the transaction longer and sometimes complicated.

But the double entry system is mostly used in the organization because it saves time and give impact twice which really worthwhile and important from business point of view.

What if you get the best accounting and auditing dissertation topics in a matter of few minutes?

There you go..

1) E- accounting dissertation topics

  1. How e-accounting is taking over the traditional means of accounting practices?
  2. E-accounting and possible drawbacks
  3. E-accounting as a full time career path

2) Accounting information system

  1. Core concepts of accounting information system (AIS)
  2. The inception of accounting information system
  3. Six main components of accounting information system

3) Book keeping Accounting Topics

  1. What is a double entry book keeping system?
  2. Online book keeping services and their advantages
  3. Book keeping principles

4) Dividend Accounting Topics

  1. Demand effects in corporate dividend policy
  2. What is a dividend per share?
  3. How to calculate the dividend payout ratio?
  4. Payout ratio – A key tool for dividend sleuthing
  5. What is dividend yield and how it is calculated?

5) Fund accounting Topics

  1. Fundamentals of fund accounting and pension schemes
  2. Fund accounting for non-profit organization
  3. What is mutual fund accounting?
  4. Capital gains and mutual funds
  5. Mutual fund accounting concepts

6) Auditing Dissertation Topics ideas

  1. Core concepts of internal and external auditing
  2. Auditing procedures
  3. Moral and ethical code of conduct in auditing standards

Final note:

It requires more work than any other type of topic proposals. Hence, you need to be extra careful while selecting a topic for your audit accounting dissertation.

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