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Art Dissertation

The Art of Writing an Art Dissertation is an Art – Find out Why

By: Dominic Corey

Are you facing Problem Writing an Art Dissertation? Don’t panic! The ultimate solution is here! In order to write an A level art dissertation we must have to go through some of the basic conceptual ideas that how it could be written and how can we make it a successful one. Encrypting an unbeaten A level art dissertation is about displaying your vision whilst indicating that you comprehend the key concepts of your study and that you are able to give an authentic product of your shear academic knowledge and research. In any discipline of art, the mandatory knack that you are looking to display is the proof of originality and creativity. Therefore, your art dissertations should fulfill the criteria of inspiration, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.


There are mainly two forms of art dissertation which are


An Art history dissertation is a representation of the work done on the evolution of art or an artist; because it is related to past experiences, therefore it should be focused and identical with the depth of knowledge of the topic with facts and figures. It is proposed that art history dissertations would be written with vast opinionated criteria.


Usually, the topics in fine art dissertations are not prepared by any other person. A brilliant Fine Arts dissertation should be devoted to an exclusive topic, coming up with thoughts like that is not easy. So, start collecting ideas for your fine art dissertation far before you get down to work. Fine Arts dissertation topics can be focusing on different male or female artists or you may choose a fairy tale like ‘snow white and 7 dwarfs.’

Points to Ponder upon for Creating an Extraordinary Art Dissertations

  • An exclusive idea regarding your topic showing your clear objective is the way towards initial success
  • Set a timetable and obtain relevant material of research for art dissertations to pace up your writing objective
  • Reflect on your research and encourage your creativity
  • Ensure that you stick to the thread of your central argument
  • Paragraphs should be approximately five or six sentences long and should have good linking words and phrases
  • Art dissertation should be full of analysis, critical evaluation, and discussion of your subject
  • Present a sustained academic argument in clear, logical prose and give evidence to support it
  • Result and discussions should be presented in your written art dissertations
  • The conclusion is a must property which proposes your views that what have you achieved from the whole study
  • Proofreading is an essential part as you are finalizing your dissertation
  • Art dissertation should be referenced clearly to avoid plagiarism
  • At the End of your art dissertation, there needs to be a bibliography of the sources used

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