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Argument Research Paper

Eight Interesting Topics for Argument Research Paper

It is a good way to convince a reader of your point of view provided it should be crafted well. Creative ideas always work well for argument research paper; this is the reason why students are not able to manage it on their own. In order to produce attractive material for reading the research paper with interest, so the researcher has to put the ideas and explain them in a manner that they would grab the reader efficiently. To write an effective argument statement the researcher should have a broad vision and should have enough knowledge in order to cover every aspect of the topic. Apart from this, they invariably face a hard time in the selection of the title theme.

To be really frank, you can try any topic in the world which is debatable and moot, when you will search you will find an infinite number of topics that can be used for this research paper. It will always depend on your personal interests and knowledge. You can talk about gender issues too controversial ones etc., It is advisable not to play with controversial issues unless you are sure you can justify the topic with ease otherwise sometimes students touch very sensitive issues that can create problems for them.

Following are some interesting argumentative research paper topics
that will make your quest for the title easier.

Topic number one:

Suggested argument: “What will happen if we get the right to control our country borders?”

Topic number two:

Court cases
Suggested argument: “Lawsuits are some time so light that they shouldn’t be taken seriously”

Topic number three:

Child detainment
Suggested argument: “Parents who legally adopt a child have to go through a long and difficult legal procedure to get the custody”

Topic number four:

Suggested argument: “Due to the increasing poverty day by day, people are not able to get enough food for them resulting in extreme hunger and obesity”

Topic number five:

Suggested argument: “The latest technology of robots has lessened the hard work of humankind, is it good or bad?”

Topic number six:

Suggested argument: “what is the relationship between thimerosal and autism?”

Topic number seven:

Suggested argument: “Any kind of discrimination whether it is racial or societal invariably impacts the minority”

Topic number eight:

Suggested argument: “Insured people always are given the extra medical attention in a hospital as opposed to the one who is not insured”

You must read the topic and argument that may act as your argument research thesis statement after modification as needed. Read the topic and understand what is being said and the argument which will help you to craft an outline for the paper. A word of advice here is to consult your teacher before finalizing the argument and topic for argument research paper.

Hopefully, the preceding topic ideas would prove to be helpful for you and your assignment!

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