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10 Effective ways of choosing admission essay topic which will guarantee your college admission!

Admission Essay Topic

Do you need help in choosing your admission essay topic?

Topic is the foremost essential of any essay whether it is for admission, college assignment etc. Without a powerful topic one cannot easily force a reader to even read the first paragraph of your admission essay.

10 Surefire Essay Advices on Choosing Admission Essay Topics


  • Generating different topic ideas:

Brainstorming is the best way to discover a good essay topic. Jot down topic ideas that first come into your mind, so at least you have something to work on before you practically start writing your essay. Read all the questions of your application form so that you can get a clear idea about what should be the relevant topics.

  • Short list those ideas:

Now, narrow down your admission essay topic ideas, but how will you do that? Spend some time thinking on each of your topic ideas, if an essay could be written on that topic. Try to select a topic on which you can easily write something that will be unique enough to grab the attention of the admission officer. Also, while selecting, ask yourself if someone else can also write on this topic. If yes, then move on to the next one.

  • See if the topic is related to you or not:

You need to demonstrate your own skills and interests through your admission essay, so select an admission essay topic that best describes your personality. Your admission essay should reflect the best aspects of your life that you are proud of. Thus, I would advice essays topics that are relevant to your own personality.

  • Get rid of risky topics:

This will be a good essay advice not to write on some risky topics, sometimes students don’t realize and start writing things which should be avoided. For example:

  • Topic related to any criminal activity.
  • Choosing a topic that is related to drunkenness.
  • About your failures.

Simply, don’t choose any topic that creates a bad impression on admission officers.

  • Don’t select any topic that cannot be stretched:

At first, some topics will allure you to write about, but once you try writing it, you are not able to expand it in a good admission essay. So eliminate all those topics which cannot be stretched in a whole essay.

  • Avoid offensive topics:

I won’t advice essays topics which can be offensive for anybody, for example; the most controversial topic would be about religion, you cannot write anything that is offending any other religion or is supporting a particular one.

  • Avoid dishonesty and li

The only thing you should focus on while selecting a topic will be to convince the admission officer that you are worthy of the admission, so avoid topics that can lead you to lie or provide dishonest statements about you, he will instantly find out as he is not a fool.

  • Get rid of common topics:

Nobody will like to read your admission essay if the first thing is very common. Like “an essay on your dad”, there are millions of people who must have written about “Dad”. So try to avoid these kinds of topic.

  • Avoid topics you can’t evaluate:

Admission officer will see your ability to analyze and think, don’t start writing about a topic which you cannot analyze easily. You should be very clear about what you are writing.

  • Start writing:

Now, you must select your final topic after going through all the elimination steps and start writing your admission essay.

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