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About Dissertation Prospectus for Fellowship Applicants

Guide on Dissertation Prospectus Writing For Fellowship Applicants That Is Sure To Get Them a Scholarship

Do you want to get a grant or fellowship to support your pursuit of dissertation prospectus?

But before that you need to present the committee with a comprehensive dissertation prospectus that will support your pursuit of fellowship or grant. Here is a complete dissertation prospectus guide:

About dissertation prospectus:

A dissertation prospectus is written prior to a dissertation itself. You can simply call it a plan that will be proposed to the committee. All in all, a dissertation prospectus should set out three things:

  • The primary and secondary sources
  • The issue that will be driven by your project
  • The chapters outline
  • Title, Cover page
  • Proposed Topic
  • Your complete name
  • Area of Specialization
  • Department/Institute
  • Name of the supervisory committee
  • Submission date

Preparing to write a dissertation prospectus:

Abstract with Thesis statement:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for you that a thesis statement for a 30 pages plus dissertation must be more intricate than an ordinary essay or any seminar paper. Though, it is a single little sentence but contains several parts hidden in it that are:

  • Historical issue/problem of your research
  • Tentative assumption or conclusion that your research will support
  • Reasons on why this problem and your solutions are important.

Ideally, an abstract must acquire only one page or 100 words but as it is said that it is an ideal length and it depends on how much the content is needed.

Literature review:

The more you know about the related literature, the more will be your credibility among your readers. Solid research work will show your competence and how you are going to perceive the knowledge shared in your dissertation prospectus example. Second part of the literature review would reveal your personal contributions in the field apart from the researches already done. The more interesting it is, the more a reader wants to read about it.

Statement of sources:

If you talk only about dissertation writing, there are commonly two types of sources, primary and secondary. Here, the committee wants to know what sources you are going to use while conducting research work. Avoid going in details but provide a synopsis of the sources you are going to avail.


Quite related to the statement of sources but keeping them separated would give a clearer picture of your dissertation plan overall. Methodology is a term that covers many aspects including the major ones (Provide a short overview of them):

  • Data collection techniques
  • Instruments and equipment used in the research
  • Sample collection, randomization and preparations techniques
  • Measurements and calculations performed on the raw data
  • Statistical techniques

Research plan:

What are your research plans? When are you going to start the work and are expected the completion of the project? Depending on the nature of research question, you can decide a schedule of your dissertation. But state the research objectives beforehand in your dissertation prospectus, such as:

  • Are you writing for Masters or PhD dissertation? Or
  • Applying for fellowship or grant to do research or
  • Want to do as an independent researcher?

Chapter outline:

It isn’t necessary that the face of final dissertation is the same as the proposed chapters outlined here but still you have to tell the committee that you have a certain plan of action in your mind already and you have done all the homework necessary for dissertation writing for fellowship.


Not to be confused with the statement of sources, this is a place in dissertation prospectus where the primary and secondary sources will be given that was utilized for writing the prospectus.

Hence, make a perfect dissertation prospectus that will surely grant you a scholarship by following the above told guidelines.

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