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A Time Management Guide To Write Dissertation And Meet Your Deadlines

Time Management Dissertation

A Time Management Guide to Write Dissertationand Meet Your Deadlines

“Think of your Dissertation as a Project; Yourself as the Project Manager and Your Supervisors/committee as your customers………..”

(By Michael C. Thomas, Ph.D.)

Learn How You to Write Dissertation in 2 weeks! Can’t believe it and still thinking it’s impossible…Just! Scroll down and you will see the 5 World Top Work, Life and Leisure Balance Tips for You to Write Dissertation.

The dissertation is the most difficult and time consuming academic requirement a doctoral student faces. It’s way too easy to procrastinate and put off writing under the guise

“I need to read more before I can write.”
Don’t fall into that trap!

Imagine you have to write a 200-page Dissertation but you are stuck right at the beginning. There is something that doesn’t let you to proceed with your writing. What makes you wait and delay?

Are you waiting for the right moods; are you waiting for the right time for doing right things, are you unable to dedicate yourself in your dissertation!!!!!

Don’t let your dissertation drag you down. Stop your Procrastination.
Why do we procrastinate or put off our efforts to write dissertation?

Observation shows that the only cause of the procrastination is the perception of students that it is a difficult task or nearly impossible to write dissertation.

The biggest difficulty the graduation students face is to keep them motivated to write dissertations.

What are the causes of procrastination in Time Management Dissertation?

  • A Lonely Time

To write dissertation you require the time consuming and lonely processes of years or more.
The dissertation often is a major blow to a graduate student’s self-esteem. It is not uncommon to feel as if it’s an impossible task that will never be completed.

  • Organization and Time Management

The most complicated part on the way to write dissertation is Lack of structure because the student has to plan, implement and to write up the research projects in such a way that ensure the completion of the task on time.

So breaking the whole mammoth task into the series of possible steps is an efficient way to provide the structure to write dissertation.
Completion of each task helps to stimulate and motivate you to write dissertation and smaller tasks makes you to feel effective and makes it easier for you to complete it on time.

Organization provides

    • A sense of control,
    • It holds procrastination at minimal levels,
    • It’s the key to completing the dissertation.

How do you get organized?

  • Outline the small steps needed to complete this large project.

The goal like completing the dissertation seems to be tough enough; so break them into components tasks like

    • Research Proposal
    • Thesis Statement
    • Literature review
    • Methods
    • Plan for Analysis
  • Each of these tasks entails further breakups like
    • Method
    • Participants
    • including items on locating them
    • Rewards for the respondents
    • Drafting forms
    • Measures
    • Psychometric
    • properties of measures
    • pilot testing and measurements

Do you think that it is the hardest task to starts and stay on track during you write your dissertation?

Below here are the 5 free tips to keep you on track to write your dissertation.

  • Start From Anywhere You feel comfortable

It is not compulsory to always start to write dissertation from the beginning. Begin where you consider easy to write and fill in the gaps. Completion of each small task will provide you the momentum at each step and provide you the sensation that you are doing it effectively.

Feeling overwhelmed by any particular task is a sign that you have not structured your Time Management Dissertation in the possible smaller tasks and the structure of your writing project is not properly designed by you.

  1. Make steady movement by writing every day, even if only for a short period.

What if you have to write a dissertation; and you have to teach 5 classes as an adjunct at 4 different schools; And you find it difficult to find block of time to write your dissertation Don’t be overwhelmed; writing little everyday can also be effective for you

Plan consistent span of time to write regularly every day. Produce a firm timetable to write dissertation daily, coach yourself to write in short chunks of your dissertation, for at least an hour or three a day. To get a large block of time to write dissertation every day is tough enough, try to avail the spare time between your other tasks.

Writing at least a little every day keeps the thesis topic fresh in your mind, leaving you open to new ideas and interpretations. You may even find yourself thinking about it and making conceptual progress as you complete everyday tasks such as Driving to and from school and work

  1. Use rewards to help you in beating procrastination.

Writing requires consistent, well-organized effort and a system of self-imposed incentives to overcome procrastination. What kind of incentives work? Although it depends on the individual, a safe bet is time off from working.

    • Promise yourself a bowl of ice-cream after the literature review completion.
    • Watch a movie on the completion of methodology chapter and the like.
  1. Methodically break through writer’s block.

When it is difficult to write, talk through your ideas to anyone who will listen, or just talk out loud to yourself. Write out your thoughts without criticizing them. Take time to warm up, by writing to clear your thoughts. Get the ideas out without scrutinizing each sentence; it is often easier to edit than it is to write.

  1. Recognize and accept the fact that writing is a time consuming process. Don’t rush yourself.

No draft will be perfect that first time around. Expect to go through several drafts of each section of your dissertation. Once you feel comfortable with a particular section, take time away from it. Ask others to read your writing and consider their comments and criticisms with an open mind. After a few days or a week, reread the section and edit again; you may be quite surprised by the impact of a fresh perspective.

Final Thoughts

Time Management  is very important in doing every task and so is to write your Time Management Dissertation. So follow the above guidelines to ensure the completion of your each step of your dissertation on time.

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