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Our questionnaire service will help you create a questionnaire survey with…”outcome oriented questions necessary to prove your hypotheses” and help you get a doubt-free conclusion for your primary research.

Most students try to conduct their primary research using survey questionnaires to find some conclusive information but in the end they stand without any convincing data only because they make questionnaires which lack proper formatting and

question structuring


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At we will custom design your questionnaire from scratch by following the below steps. Our experience in primary research and knowledge of questionnaire design on hand will help you make the perfect questionnaire.

Step # 1: Understanding & Establishing The Research Goals

  • We start the process of creating questionnaire by understanding what exactly you are planning to observe to reach a conclusion.
  • At step # 1, you have to fill a small form with your research details and requirements for us to define clear-cut research objectives before undertaking the project.

Step # 2: Defining Sample and the Sample Size

  • After understanding and defining definite research objectives, we will move on to defining who and how many will fill your questionnaire
  • We will determine what subgroups of the population to utilize in the survey depending upon the study objectives.
  • Then we will define the participant demographics like what should be their gender, ethnicity, age, income or education.
  • Write the screener survey having questions that will screen the probable participants to verify if they are eligible for the group.

Step # 3: Determining The Data Collection Method

Once the sample is determined, we’ll suggest you the best method of data collection which will yield the most ACCURATE and PLAUSIBLE data related to your research question. Some of the data collection methods widely used are…

  1. Personal Interviews
  2. Telephone Surveys
  3. Mail Surveys
  4. E-mail Surveys
  5. Internet Surveys
  6. Paper Questionnaires

Step # 4: Writing The Questions or Making Questionnaire Survey

Following are the standards we follow in writing questions of the questionnaire

  1. Clear: The respondents will understand exactly what is being asked so that only valid answers are given.
  2. Relevant: Questions will only be related to the goals of your research so that the respondents don’t get off the track while answering.
  3. Short: Lengthy questions usually induce a skipping response in the respondents.
  4. Uncluttered and Well Spread Out: When we create a questionnaire, the questions will be organized in a logical order so that the respondents can easily navigate through the questions.
  5. Appropriate Question Types: Correct question format (Open-ended, close-ended or multiple choice) will be decided considering your research question and objectives
  6. Simple Scales: If needed, we will also include simple rating scales that respondents find easy to understand
  7. NO Double-barrel Questions: Double barreled question always confuse the respondents and they usually answer only one part of the question which kills the credibility of the information.
  8. NO Complicated Questions: We will NOT be creating questionnaires which the targeted population samples do not have adequate information to answer.

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  • had trouble understanding what you wanted or
  • had a point of view not covered in your questions, then…

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eBook on "How to pilot your questionnaire, distribute and administer it"

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In this eBook you will learn how to manage the three basic preliminary steps of your questionnaire research…
  • were unsure of something,
  • had questions,
  • had trouble understanding what you wanted or
  • had a point of view not covered in your questions, then…
    This eBook will teach you how you can successfully use these guidelines which will definitely help you in…
  • Getting the questionnaire filled by maximum number of respondents
  • Obtaining the most accurate and plausible data
  • Completing your data collection well before deadline saving you enough time for writing the results and discussion chapters and much more…

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