if there was a way you could “accurately” & “plausibly” EXPLAIN and DESCRIBE your RESULTS in your “

Dissertation Discussion Chapter

”, how
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  1. Are you thinking that your work will go down in the Understanding and Credibility building part because you don’t know what Questions you need to talk about in the Dissertation Discussion Chapter?

  2. Is it getting to you that you have to discuss all the Data Findings you have collected so thoughtfully and carefully in the dissertation analysis chapter Discussions Chapter having no idea how you can overshadow the Limitations of your work?

  3. Scared to write a Dissertation Analysis Chapter having found no conclusive Results in your Research thinking it would further highlight your work’s inefficiency and get you failed at the last moment of your degree.

The dissertation analysis chapter is the most critical chapter of a dissertation and it's worth the most marks. Consequently, you'll have to spend a tonne of your time on this section…

The dissertation discussion chapter is the place for critical writing. You have to think very cautiously about what your results mean. And above all, you don’t describe your results, you have to explain them.

***It's your responsibility to interpret your results for your supervisor, and your interpretation must be accurate and plausible. ***

What if you can write a

dissertation data analysis chapter

with all the facts and figures explained so efficiently that one look at the discussion is enough to reveal all about your work along with the recommendations for future work?

How about translating all your dissertation research data, be it qualitative or quantitative into a dissertation analysis chapter such that it presents the principles, relationships and generalizations of the results?

What if you can easily transform your “not so big” results into a dissertation discussion chapter overflowing with authority and fact fullness discussing the practical and theoretical implications of your work which could outshine the inadequacies of your research?

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At Dissertation-Help.co.uk we have the people who know how to write discussion in dissertation following these basic rules

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This is how we will develop the longest part of a dissertation, the discussions and analysis chapter

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  • The relation of the data to the hypotheses.
  • Evaluation and analysis of the results and conclusions
  • Provision of logical bases for your research methodology
  • Enhancement of the validity of your research and its outcomes
  • An association of your conclusions with the conclusions of the literature review
  • Objective based critical discussion
  • An unbiased view of the work
  • Methodical connection between your results and research

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