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A presentation is an opportunity in disguise where you are allowed to project your knowledge and views about a certain topic to the audience in an interactive mode. To make it successful you have to have a clear picture of the things you need for the building blocks of an

ideal class presentation


1. Determine Presentation Intent

We will study class presentation criterion provided by your teacher carefully and ensure whether your presentation has to …

  • Present a topic (informative)
  • Teach your audience something (instructional)
  • Persuade your audience (persuasive)

2. Determine The Presentation Style

After determining the presentation intent, we will suggest the best suited style to present the idea. For example…

”if you have to do a class presentation about poker, then we will make you a PowerPoint presentation that will teach your class some basic rules of the poker alongwith a 5 min activity that has to do with poker like playing a game”

3. Preparing Presentation Script

After analyzing your presentation topic and intent and we will write a presentation script.

  • The presentation script contains the talk or the points you will cover under each section or sub topic of your whole presentation. This will allow you an easy and quick recall of the points to be covered throughout the presentation
  • By having a good script with you before the actual presentation, you can practice and perfect the delivery within the allotted time frame
  • This presentation script can be used when giving the PowerPoint slide or overhead transparencies presentation. It will help you to provide information to your audience without having to read it word-for-word.

4. Custom PowerPoint Slides or OHTs (Over Head Transparencies)

Whether you want to use PowerPoint slides or overhead transparencies for your project presentation, our researchers will write customized slides or transparencies having the following features…

  • Heading and Pointers

Your data will be divided into definitive and factual headings and pointers highlighting the positive factors of your work along with acknowledgement of some deficiencies of your research in a dignified manner.

  • Examples and Anecdotes

Use of relevant and remarkable examples will add a spark to your work that can help your audience better associate with your topic and understand your point in a situational manner.

  • Consistency

Your presentation will have a consistent design style, font style, size, color, slide transition, animations and effects applied to it, including the background

  • Images, Tables, Charts etc…

Images, tables, charts, and graphs will also be incorporated if they can enhance the presentation in a meaningful way

5. Free Unlimited Revisions

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  • Presentation notes including delivery cues like…
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  • What to do before the presentation?
  • Starting with style
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