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Top 15 9th Grade Essay Writing Prompts For Middle & High School

( 9th Grade Essay, Descriptive Essay Prompts )

Most of the students begin to seek for Part-Time Job in High School

  • What do you think a better part-time job for someone of your age?
  • Why would this job be suitable for a teenager?

Identify any of your activity such as a hobby or sport, you enjoy or do well.

  • Explain what you love to do and why so?

Most of the people seem to be anxious about violence.

  • What are your suggestions about preventing a society from violence? Why do you they may work?

Think about someone you admire the most

  • Write to elaborate the admirable and impressive characteristics of that person which makes him/her exceptional than others.

Your school has just done with hiring of quite a few new substitute teachers. The principle wants the student to give valuable suggestions that will help the substitutes succeed.

Write the suggestions regarding the issues that had lacked before them.

( Narrative 9th Grade Essay Prompts For Middle School )

You may remember a time when you or anyone else tried to prepare meal.

  • Tell a story about that particular time when the experience proved to be successful or fruitless.

Imagine yourself to be a pair of shoes or any kind of footwear.

  • Describe yourself comprehensively and tell the reader about your most memorable experience.

Suppose you are shipwrecked on a deserted island for a month and you are only with your backpack.

  • Tell the experience the survival story with the items in your backpack.

Think about an incident that taught you a significant lesson.

  • Write about an experience that taught you an important lesson.

( Persuasive 9th Grade Essay Prompts)

You are given the task of creating/selecting a topic for a  9th Grade writing test.

Create writing prompt and defend why this particular topic would appropriate and interesting enough for 9th grade student.

A foundation has offered to donate £10,000 grants for charities or community projects. You want to apply for one of these grants.

  • Convince the foundation that your project or chart deserves for selection.

A radio station is about to get established and start broadcasting in your locality.

  • Write to persuade the owner of station to play your favorite songs.

NASA is considering selecting a student to accompany astronauts on their flight for space.

  • Write to persuade NASA that either you or one of your class mates is eligible for their choice.

Your community has been awarded some money to build a monument in regard of the honor of a person. Decide who deserves this honor.

  • Write how you can persuade your community to accept your choice.

Final Words

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