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07 ‘Seven’ 9th Grade Essay Topics That Will Empower You To Generate Interesting Ideas To Start Off Your 9th Grade Essay Within 20 Minutes Guaranteed!

9th grade Essay Topics

  • Are you looking for 9th Grade Essay Topics to win an A-Grade and appreciation from your teachers?
  • Are you confused because every time you go for selecting your 9th grade essay topic you get stuck in analyzing whether it is able to relate your age and level being a teenager studying in high school?
  • Whenever you come with an essay topic you find to be too broad to be researched creating more complications in your composition?

My dear students! Here is the ONE-STOP solution to remove all of your worries you are suffering within regard of writing a 9th Grade Essay.

Here are the 7 ideas for 9th Grade Essay Topics:

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  • A Class Outside In a Beautiful Weather (Persuasive Essay)

The season of spring has finally arrived creating the weather more beautiful and charming throughout the week. In such a beautiful environment, sitting in a classroom with the window shut is driving you mad and your fellows crazy.

Write an essay on persuading one of your teachers to hold class outside in a beautiful park within your school for a day. Imagine her possible objections and be ready to write the counterarguments.

  • I Want To Get a Job (Persuasive Essay)

According to The U.S. Department of Labor, 14-15 years old can only work in family businesses, restaurants, sports arenas, theaters and stores. You have to think for one or more domain or place where you suggest 14-15 years old’s should be able to get a job.

Write an Essay to The U.S. Department of Labor for convincing officials to expand the rules to allow for this new domain of employment by including several numbers of reasons to support your argument.

Expository, Descriptive & Narrative essay topics for High school

  • A Day With My Best friend (Expository Essay)

Imagine that one of your best friends is visiting you for a day after a long time. Write an essay illustrating how best you might pass the day together to make it a memorable day.

  • Directions For The Preparation of a Meal (Expository Essay)

Write an essay in which you state a step-by-step direction for the preparation of your favorite meal. Explain the quantity of the ingredients you need and the order in which they added to the meal or recipe. Include further details of the finished meal; for e.g. smell, taste, appearance etc.

  • My Favorite Commercial (Descriptive Essay)

Do you like any commercial which you rate as your favorite one? What is it for? What do you like about that commercial? Why so? Write an essay describing the commercial you like the most.

Be sure to make your readers understand descriptions in detail not only what the commercial is about and sounds like, but also how it made you feel and why it made you feel like that.

  • New School Experience (Narrative Essay)

Every students experience a “new school” over the course of their education at one time or another. The reason may be moving to a different town or state or from grade school to middle school or middle school to high school.

Write an essay about how was your first day at your new school. Use specific details in a story writing format telling the readers about the challenges you may have had to overcome or any surprises you have discovered in a new and different environment.

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