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How many pages a 500 words essay should have?

500 words essay

The brain-teasers of essay writing:

Essay writing has always been a difficult task for students. Some students keep on finding the relevant stuff for their essays but their hard efforts turn out to be ineffective because of the time constraints, word limits, inappropriate writing style and many other problems.

Have you ever wondered about the cause behind these problems?

Planning the essays! 

Students who don’t make a PROPER PLAN for their essay always face difficulties to come up with a good essay. Therefore, it’s always better that you plan your essay first prior to essay writing. Planning would not only help you develop ideas, it will also aid you in finalizing your essay in the logical and appropriate manner whether you are writing a 500 word essay or 250 words essay.

How long a good essay should be?

There is no hard and fast rule about the length of an essay. It depends on topics, situation to situations and constraint to constraints. However, it has been found that most of the colleges expect that a student can write a 500 words essay.

500 words essay – Pages?

Many students don’t even know how many pages the 500 word essay should have. If you are writing a 500 word essay that you can use the Times New Roman style double spaced with font size of 12 and it would be of 1 and a half page approximately. If you are writing your essay with a single space; then your 500 word essays just need to be of 1 page.

Does exceeding the 500 words in an essay go against you?

If you have been assigned the word limit of 500 word essays by your supervisor and your 500 word essay exceeds the limit; then it doesn’t matter, it won’t go against you. You should ask your supervisor about how much margin you can exceed for your essay; if you have the margin of 5%; then instead of writing 500 words essay, you can write a 525 word essay.  

In short, the best style to follow for your 500 words  is the Times New Roman; the ideal font size is 12; the proper way to use line spacing is double. Last but not least, an ideal 500 words essay is about one and a half page.

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