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5 Steps For Creating Outline For An Essay

The task of essay writing is no doubt a nightmare for most of the students. Just the thought of dissecting a topic on paper sends a chill up students’ spines. Let me clear that there is no cure-all for essay writing except one exercise which if we implement than that can help you create a stronger essay. Learning how to outline is the best way for you to prepare yourself to craft a well-prepared, understandable essay. Here follows the exact steps to be followed for creating an outline for an essay:

Step – 1

Jot down the ideas you have in your mind for the topic of your essay depending up the time you will want to spend at the very least a few minutes brainstorming on the topic. You need to have great knowledge about the subject. If not then research!

Step – 2

Start your essay outline by creating a topic sentence that will be alone enough to encapsulate the whole essay. This in general would be read first, so it will take a great deal of deliberation.

Put the topic sentence at the top of your outline paper as number one and make any significant points to yourself under this space.

Step – 3

Write separate entries to support this topic sentence. The fundamental outline of an essay is a declarative paragraph to be written first.

Then comes the supporting paragraphs where you show the reader that you proposed in the beginning. Create new, smaller headings for these ideas.

Step – 4

Don’t hesitate to make sub-headings under your various supportive statements. Many a times this becomes essential to describe vast concepts that are crucial to the subject matter.

Step – 5

Conclude your outline with a conclusive statement. . This will tie together your beginning statement and your support in the essay body.

This is how you can successfully create your  sample essay outline . Still looking for more information? Than feel free to contact us here. We’ll try our best to help in the best possible way we can for FREE.

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