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Formula for writing 2000 words academic essay in less than 24 hours

2000 words academic essay

Looking for an overview about the basic structure of the 2000 words academic essay?

You have reached at the right place!

There is no standard way of writing an essay, but here we will try to craft a possible formula for writing an academic essay. The main purpose of an essay is to review and proving the given statements like why A is better than B by giving evidences, proves and valid explanations.

Formula for writing 2000 words academic essay

This formula consists of eight paragraph assuming that your essay would be up to 2000 words. Before you start writing your academic essays, you need to address some questions first:


Paragraph 1:

First paragraph consist of the introduction. Academic essay writing is little different from the rest of the essays, generally it starts with a little introduction about the topic, that is usually followed by some examples.

Your introduction basically identifies the claims or assertion that is to be discussed later on. While writing academic essays, You have to make sure that the intro is easy to read and understandable so that the reader doesn’t get confused at all.

For example:

Our human history has proved that the physical universe
has been very dangerous for the explorer. For instance,
in order to search for the food and water, when the
primitive human beings used to left their tribal villages,
they  highly risked injury or death from wild animals.
You must have noticed that in the start of the paragraph, there is a very general statement about the human history, which is then followed by an example.

In your Introduction you can either:

  • Give some clues and hints about the conclusion.
  • Give a short description of the idea that has to be discussed in the body paragraphs.
  • Give a little description of the issues, for example, how these issues evolved and in what circumstances?
  • Identify the problems, so that you can easily debate on them.

Main text:  Paragraphs 2 and 3:

2nd and 3rd paragraphs of an academic writing essay has a theoretical overview and comments about what are you going to discuss in the following paragraphs. Identifying the proper resources, state the thinking of the authorities you will be using to discuss the matters that is pertinent to the title of your academic essay.

What are the factors responsible, structure, consequences etc. Identifying these points give a vivid picture of the matter.

Paragraphs 4 and 5:

4rth and 5th paragraph gives closer details about the topic using case studies and empirical data. The issues and the key points that are raised in the introduction and paragraph 2 and 3 are further discussed in details. You can also use the references from the journal articles to provide an alternative perspective of the same issue.

Paragraph 6 and 7:

These two paragraphs provide critique of what has been discussed in the earlier paragraphs, including the supporting evidences. You have to decide whether you are going to offer an alternative point or are you going to contemplate on the existing perspective. This paragraph basically leads to a closing point. Here you can also suggest models or alternative interpretation of the issue discussed.


Paragraph 8:

Last paragraph of your academic essay that is the conclusion will give the answers of the questions raised in the topic and the introduction; conclusion is basically a short summary of your whole essay. So state the problem in a very concise manner-that is what was the problem, what did you researched about it? What should we learn from the essay?

For example:

As stated above, the physical environment
of earth has often been very dangerous for the explorers.
Wild animals, deep oceans and unpredictable weather
conditions have been very risky for the humans.
Nevertheless, the outer space frontier along
with its meteors, vacuum and lack of water are
also presenting unique challenges to the explorers.

Thus, the above structure will provide you a clear picture of how to organize your academic essay. Following the above format will help you write a simple 2000 words academic essay in a very easy way.

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